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Start your own online marketplace or online services with the our customizable platform with already a business plan, branding and products or services. 

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  • Dropshipping Ecommerce
  • Shipping and Logistics Consulting
  • Transportation Company
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • BPO Call Center
  • Recruiter Agency
  • Old Coins, Silver & Gold Reseller
  • Gold & Silver Jewelry Reseller
  • Asian Store
  • Pearl Jewelry Reseller
  • USPS Stamps
  • Car Parts Reseller
  • Tires Reseller
  • Offroad Vehicles Reseller
  • Amish Furniture Reseller
  • Knives Reseller
  • Leather Reseller
  • Packaging Reseller
  • Home Decors Reseller
  • Clothing Store
  • Wristwatch Reseller

Professional Recruitment Agency

$13 500.00
In stock
Product Details

🚀 Unlock Your Future: Become a Recruitment Agency Owner! 🚀

Ever dreamed of being your own boss? Seize the opportunity with our exclusive Recruitment Agent Business Package that paves the way for your success! 🌟

🌐 Turnkey Job Board Included!

  • Launch your very own cutting-edge job board with ease.
  • Connect employers with top-tier talent effortlessly.

💰 Potential Earnings: $400,000+ in 1-2 Years!

  • Tap into multiple revenue streams: subscriptions, job postings, and premium services.
  • Ride the wave of the booming recruitment industry!

🎨 Branding Materials for a Stunning Impression!

  • Get sleek digital business cards that make a lasting impact.
  • Eye-catching flyers and banners for a powerful online presence.

📈 Business Plan to Propel Your Success!

  • A comprehensive roadmap tailored for your agency's triumph.
  • Projections that show the sky's the limit for your earnings!
🌟 Ongoing Support and Training: Your Success, Our Priority!
  • Comprehensive training for your Turnkey Job Board.
  • Ongoing support to ensure you thrive in your entrepreneurial journey.

🌐 Act Now! Your Future Awaits.

  • Customized pricing to fit your vision and goals.
  • Licensing and legal compliance made simple for you.
⚡ Why Wait? Start Your Journey to $400,000+ in 1-2 Years!
Own a thriving recruitment agency with limitless potential

Online Business Package for Your Recruitment Agency!

1. Turnkey Job Board:
  • Launch-ready platform connecting employers with top talent.
  • User-friendly interface with advanced search and matching features.
2. Revenue Streams:
  • Employer subscriptions, job posting fees, and premium services.
3. Branding Materials:
  • Professional digital business cards for networking.
  • Eye-catching flyers and banners for online promotion.
4. Business Plan:
  • Executive Summary, Business Description, Market Analysis, Services, Marketing Strategy, Operational Plan, Financial Projections, SWOT Analysis, and Risk Management.
5. Support and Training:
  • Comprehensive Turnkey Job Board training.
  • Ongoing support for technical and business development.
  • Website Maintenance is already included.
6. Pricing:
  • Customized pricing based on your business goals.

Limitations & Inclusions:

  1. Base job board
  2. Apply via link/email
  3. Custom domain + SSL
  4. Payments processing via Stripe
  5. Google Jobs/SEO
  6. 8,000 active jobs
  7. Apply with resume with up to 100,000 resumes
  8. Backfill jobs
  9. XML import (10 / mo)
  10. Blog functionality
  11. Up to 4 pricing plans
  12. Coupon codes
  13. Job alerts (5k subscribers)
  14. Featured companies
  15. 2 team members
  16. Custom code & CSS
  17. Embedabble jobs feed
This package equips you with the essentials to launch and grow a successful recruitment agency. Website access is valid for one year and requires renewal annually to sustain the online business.

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Professional Recruitment Agency
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