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Train AI Chatbots Are you interested in helping to train AI models to become better writers? Help train cutting-edge AI chatbots with Total Quality Call Center! Earn up to an equivalent of $3-$5 per hour depends on tasks while working remotely and choosing your own hours. NOTE: This opportunity is only available to proficient English speakers only. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Join thousands of others building the future of AI! APPLY today at to join thousands of others building the future of AI! Job Requirements: Qualifications • You do not need experience to apply, although you need a good background with at least 4 years bachelor degree on any industries. • Fluency in English • Detail-oriented • Excellent writing and grammar skills • Strong research and fact-checking skills to ensure accuracy and originality Responsibilities • You will have conversations with chatbots that we work with in order to measure their progress, as well as write novel conversations in order to teach them what to say • In this role, you will need a strong imagination and attention to detail to create useful conversations and measure their quality • Come up with diverse conversations • Write high-quality answers • Compare the performance of different AI models • Research and fact-check AI responses Benefits • You'll be able to choose which projects you want to work on, and you can work on your own schedule • Projects are paid hourly, starting at $3 to $5 USD per hour, with bonuses for high-quality and high-volume work Job Hiring Details Step 1: BOOK your Interview with Subject: AI TRAINER Step 2: Attend the Recorded Interview and fill up this Application Form: QA: Here are some interview questions for an AI Chatbots Trainer:

1. Background and Experience:

Can you share a bit about your experience in training AI chatbots? What got you interested in training chatbots?

2. Technical Knowledge:

How much do you know about the technology behind chatbots? Can you explain the difference between rule-based and machine learning-based chatbots in simple terms?

3. Training Methodology:

How do you make data for training chatbots? Can you tell us about a time you made a chatbot work better through training?

4. Evaluation and Metrics:

How do you know if a chatbot is doing well or not? What things do you look at to see if a chatbot is working right?

5. Domain Adaptation:

How do you teach a chatbot to talk about different things? Have you ever made a chatbot that can understand different languages?

6. User Experience and Design:

What's important when making sure people like talking to a chatbot? Can you share a time you had to make a chatbot easy for people to use?

7. Problem Solving:

Tell us about a tough problem you had while working on a chatbot and how you fixed it. How do you make a chatbot understand questions it wasn't trained for?

8. Industry Trends:

How do you keep up with what's new in chatbot technology? Is there something cool in chatbots you've heard about recently?

9. Collaboration and Communication:

How do you work with other people when making a chatbot? How do you explain what a chatbot can and can't do to people who don't know much about tech?

10. Continuous Learning:

How do you make sure you're always learning about chatbots and new tech? Are there websites or groups you like to check to learn more about chatbots?

Step 3: Pass the Recorded Screen share Typing Test: (Passing Result is 55 wpm up) Step 4: Pass the English Listening & Grammar Level Test: NOTE: JOB APPLICATION RESULTS can be provided by TQCC Team after 2-4 weeks depends on Volume of Applications Received.


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