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💰💸How to Earn a High Paying Full-Time Income Working from Home? 🏠🏡

🛠️ Join The Home Depot - MAX Team! 🌟

Ready to hammer out a rewarding career? The Home Depot - MAX, our esteemed client partner at Total Quality Call Center, is seeking individuals for Inbound Sales & Customer Service roles.


Full Time Base salary: $15/hr 

•Partner with a household name in home improvement.

•Clear path for career growth.


•7-year background check & Drug Test.

•Must be a U.S. Citizen, Green Card holder, or have US Work Authorization.

•Fluent in English.

How to Proceed: Just register now to our TQCC Arise Project:

Don't miss out on this chance to nail down your career with Total Quality Call Center and our esteemed client partners!

#TheHomeDepot #MAX #InboundSales #CustomerService #CareerOpportunity 🏡🔨


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